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06/22/2008What Matters in the Light of Eternity Life Matters (6-22-08-8am.mp3)
Luke 9:23-27
Living, Life, Eternity, Foundations, Failures, Live the question
June_22_2008.pdf Download June_22_2008.pdf
Download 6-22-08-8am.mp3
06/15/2008What Matters in the Light of Eternity Church Matters (6-15-08-11am.mp3)
Acts 20:25-32
Church, Hospital for Sinners, Not museum of Saints, Of God, Foundation, Christ is Christianity, Christ the Lord of Life, God's Best Hope, Cup of Cold Water
June_15_2008.pdf Download June_15_2008.pdf
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06/08/2008What Matters in the Light of Eternity Prayer Matters (6-8-08_11am.mp3)
Acts 2:42-47
Adoration, God's Will, Salvation, Kingdom, Our Father, Surrender, Prayer, Eternity, Unanswered Prayers
June_8_2008.pdf Download June_8_2008.pdf
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06/01/2008What Matters in the Light of Eternity God Matters (6-1-08-11am.mp3)
Acts 17:22-28
God Is, Essence of all being, God Acts, God is Personal, God is Present, Holy Spirit
June_1_2008.pdf Download June_1_2008.pdf
Download 6-1-08-11am.mp3
05/25/2008 Thanks for the Memories (5-25-08_11am.mp3)
Philippians 1:3-11
Gratitude, Love Is Action, Fruitful, Fruits of the Spirit
May_25_2008.pdf Download May_25_2008.pdf
Download 5-25-08_11am.mp3
05/11/2008 When God is Like a Mother (5-11-08_11am.mp3)
John 14:22-27
Mother, Love, Holy Spirit, Unending
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