Howard's grandmother, Clara Stewart

From the files:

My grandmother did not know how to play the trumpet, but she knew how to praise the Lord.  She lived during the era of rousing revivals and frolicking camp meetings.  My grandmother would get happy in Jesus.  She would wave her white handkerchief in the air.  Pretty soon she would start shouting "Hallelujah!"  "Praise the Lord!"  Occasionally she'd take a trip or two around that little country church.  She may not have known how to act at a concert, but she knew how to bless Jesus at a prayer meeting.  Sometimes I long for some of Grandma's spirit.


September 24, 2000

     Moving On

     Genesis 12:1-7 Text Document 

October 1, 2000

     Embracing Diversity with Distinction

     Mark 9:38-50 Text Document 

October 15, 2000

     What Can Jesus Do For You?

     Mark 10:46-52 Text Document 

October 22, 2000

     You Are A Minster, Too

     John 17:13-18 Text Document 

November 5, 2000

     A Time to Remember

     Phillippians 1:1-11 Text Document 

November 19, 2000

     The Great Assurance

     Matthew 28:16-20 Text Document 

November 26, 2000

     The Great Commission

     Matthew 28: 16-20 Text Document 

December 3, 2000


     Turning Toward Home

     Luke 21:25-36 Text Document 

December 10, 2000

     The Road Less Taken

     Luke 3:1-6 Text Document 

December 17, 2000

     Home is Where the Heart Is

     Luke 1:39-49 Text Document 

December 24, 2000

     Home At Last

     Luke 2:1-20 Text Document 

December 31, 2000


     Going Home Another Way

     Matthew 2:10-11 Text Document