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10/23/2005Sharing God's Blessings: Giving in Gratitude Sharing God's Blessings (10-23-05.mp3)
Matthew 5:1-12
Possessions, problems, possibilities, mercy
October 23 2005.pdf Download October 23 2005.pdf
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11/06/2005Sharing God's Blessings: Giving in Gratitude Rejoicing in God's Saints (11-6-05.mp3)
Philippians 1:1-6
All Saints, in process, forgiven
Nov_ 6.pdf Download Nov_ 6.pdf
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11/20/2005Sharing God's Blessings: Giving in Gratitude Praising Our Savior (11-20-05.mp3)
Philippians 3:7-11
intimate, suffer, die, resurrection, believe
November 20 2005.pdf Download November 20 2005.pdf
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01/01/2006Angelic Messages for Our Time Get Up and Go (1-1-06.mp3)
Matthew 2:13-18
1-1-06.pdf Download 1-1-06.pdf
Download 1-1-06.mp3
02/05/2006Christians at the Roundtable of World Religions What Can Christians Learn from Buddhists? (2-5-06.mp3)
Romans 8:18,28
2-5-06.pdf Download 2-5-06.pdf
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02/12/2006Christ Himself is Christianity The Compassionate Christ (2-12-06.mp3)
Mark 1:40-45
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