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09/02/2007Real Faith for Real People Am I In Shape Spiritually? (9-2-07.mp3)
1 Timothy 4:7-12
spiritual health, spiritual exercise
9-2-07.pdf Download 9-2-07.pdf
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09/30/2007Real Faith for Real People Am I My Brother's Keeper? (9-30-07.mp3)
Matthew 25:31-46
formula for goodness
9-30-07.pdf Download 9-30-07.pdf
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02/10/2008Fundamentals of Family Celebration (2-10-08_11am.mp3)
Family Luke 15:11-24
February_10_2008.pdf Download February_10_2008.pdf
Download 2-10-08_11am.mp3
06/15/2008What Matters in the Light of Eternity Church Matters (6-15-08-11am.mp3)
Acts 20:25-32
Church, Hospital for Sinners, Not museum of Saints, Of God, Foundation, Christ is Christianity, Christ the Lord of Life, God's Best Hope, Cup of Cold Water
June_15_2008.pdf Download June_15_2008.pdf
Download 6-15-08-11am.mp3
02/03/2008Fundamentals of Family Commitment (2-3-08_11am.mp3)
Family Ephesians 5:22-6:4
February_3_2008.pdf Download February_3_2008.pdf
Download 2-3-08_11am.mp3
01/20/2008Fundamentals of Family Conflict Resolution (1-20-08_11am.mp3)
Family Colossians 3:12-17
family issues
January_20_2008.pdf Download January_20_2008.pdf
Download 1-20-08_11am.mp3

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